Massage tips

Back Massage
In 95% of back pain cases, the cause is linked to the way the bones, ligaments, and muscles of the back work together. It comes on suddenly, but can also be due to strain over time rather than a result of overdoing it just once.
Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage
The wonders of a massage are a beautiful thing, offering people amazing help benefits. This alternative form of therapy has been around for ages and doesn't rely on often addictive pain medications.
Arm & Leg Massage
The cause of many instances of shoulder or arm pain is obvious. You do something to injure the arm or shoulder and immediately feel pain. You may have broken a bone or dislocated your shoulder. Perhaps you strained tendons or ligaments by carrying too
Hand & Foot Massage
The wrists and hands are busy, even when we are resting other joints. The hands and wrists are involved in nearly every daily activity, from gripping a steering wheel to scratching a mosquito bite. When hand pain interferes, daily activity comes to a stop.