Back Massage

Causes - Back Pain

In 95% of back pain cases, the cause is linked to the way the bones, ligaments, and muscles of the back work together. It comes on suddenly, but can also be due to strain over time rather than a result of overdoing it just once.

Most people who suffer from this sort of back pain are adults. The pain is often in the low back, and may also spread to the buttocks and thighs. It will come and go at different levels of activity.

Back Pain Triggers
1. Poor posture
2. Lack of exercise
3. Standing or bending down for long periods of time
4. Sitting in a chair that doesn’t provide back support
5. Sleeping on a mattress that doesn’t provide enough back support
6. Lifting, carrying, pushing, or pulling loads that are simply too heavy, or done in the wrong way
7. A trip or a fall

Poor posture is the most common cause of back pain. Poor posture can weaken muscles and strain joints, leading to repeated episodes of pain. There are other causes of back problems that are much less common. Nerve root pain is the cause in less than 5% of the people with back pain. The pain is caused by compression of a nerve root, which is the start of a nerve as it leaves the spinal cord. It is usually caused when a vertebral disc becomes displaced or bulges out from its normal position, putting pressure on the nerve root. This is called a slipped disc. The pain will normally be in the lower back, and there may be pain down one or both legs to the calves, feet, or toes. In this case, the pain is sometimes called sciatica because the nerve that runs down each leg is called the sciatic nerve.

Back pain is spread fairly evenly across the country in terms of age, sex and geography but occupation does make a difference. Some occupations can cause back problems without involving injury. Among these are: driving a motor vehicle, work involving intensive use of the telephone, factory work, computer work, or a job where you’re on your feet all day.

Ways to relieve - Back Pain

Pain in the upper back is usually located in the rhomboids, which are the muscles underneath each scapula. The pain usually feels like a huge knot between your shoulders. To get relief, lay face down and pull your arm back so that the top of your hand is resting on your back. Your scapula will protrude out a little more to make getting to the rhomboids more accessible. Have your partner use good amount of pressure or a trigger point tool to stroke the muscle until it softens. The Backnobber II is a very effective massage tool for getting to those hard to reach places yourself.

Pain in the mid-back can be relieved by massaging the areas on each side of the spine. The spine frequently carries tension from day to day stress, emotional anxieties, and incorrect posture. The Thumper Minipro 2 is a very effective massage tool and great to use along the spine. If you want something with more options, Thumper Versapro massager has 13 different massage settings, a remote control and 7 auto programs. You can use the Versapro massager on your feet, calves, thighs or lower back. You can save some money with a similar performing massage tool. Massagenius Magic Massager has 10 speed adjustments, 2 way heat options and various pre-set program combinations.

Low back pain can be helped with a combination of stretching and deep pressure to the low back. A good stretch to do is to lie on the floor and bring the legs up to the chest one at a time. Hold the position for at least a minute. Stroking the lower back with deep pressure deoxygenates the muscles, forcing it to relax. We also recommend the SlimFairy Back Massager for a relaxing back massage.