Make more money from your facials

Posted by Michele Peacox on Jun 27th 2014

The most important thing that you can do to increase revenue is to make product recommendations during your facial. You want to do this in a way that the client will not feel any pressure. Their comfort should always be a priority. However, follow these simple steps, and you can increase sales, improve results, and earn more repeat business. You can sell, and do an amazing treatment at the same time.

You start selling from the moment you examine the skin. You need to assess, and figure out what type of skin they have. The next question should be, “What is their diet like?” You need to be well read on food and ingredients that affect the skin. You should also know what irritates the skin. Things like touching your face, not washing your pillow case regularly, and not sanitizing your cell phone are all very irritating to the skin. Once you have asked all the right questions, you can start recommending solutions for them. If the client is extremely dry, you can suggest adding fish oil to their diet or an amazing nighttime moisturizer. The other thing you could suggest for them is an exfoliant to increase cell turnover, which will also add more moisture to the skin. Now that you have fully assessed the skin, you can start the cleansing process.

As you work with your skin, you should inform the client about your findings and discuss with them your thoughts and recommendations. They feel the most comfortable with someone that can guide them to have the most beautiful skin. I usually suggest three products during the facial, and I ask them if they would like me to show them the products after the service. That way, you have already confirmed that they want to see these products.

When the client comes out of the treatment, the products should already be sold. You simply show them the products that you recommended, and confirm that they would like to get started with these. Do not ask! You should assume that they want them if you have done a good job with the service and the sale.

The client will typically purchase two items if you recommended three. The client will typically purchase one item if you recommend two. The client will typically buy nothing if you don’t recommend anything. They are looking to you to tell them how to care for their skin, so it’s a win for everyone.