Using Facial Streamers for Allergies

Posted by MassageTools Staff on Aug 26th 2016

Allergies can make anyone miserable, but the right facial steamer can relieve your symptoms without the need for pills or shots. A facial steamer can flush out the mucous that causes coughs and clogged or runny noses, while a few minutes in front of a facial steamer can also moisten dry nasal passages.

Visiting a salon with a facial steamer or using one at home can also help you avoid sinus infections that come with visiting a public steam room at the local gym. While steam is good for sinuses, you might make your allergies worse with exposure to molds that can build up in over-used gym saunas and steam rooms. Even those industrial-strength disinfectants used at public gyms can aggravate allergies. There's also that unappealing issue with some public steam rooms.

At MassageTools, professionals can rely on affordably priced premium facial steamer systems to offer relief to their clients in a solo practice or salon setting. Choose the steamer that fits your budget and your space requirements. Our favorite is the Spa Luxe Herbal Facial Steamer. The Spa Luxe SL-300B has an integrated essential oil pad inside the spray nozzle, as well as independent steam/ozone switches. Practitioners love the efficient, practical features like an adjustable arm, spring-loaded adjustable stand, sturdy 5-leg caster base and automatic safety shut-off. This super durable facial steamer has heavy-duty metal housing.

Also shop our Spa Luxe facial treatment oils and accessories. One accessory we like, and so will your allergy sufferers, is the soothing Barber Pro Hot Towel Steamer Kit. It's on sale now! If you have questions about the best facial steamer to treat your clients who suffer from seasonal or year-round allergies, consult the pros at MassageTools.