Maintain the life of your facial steamer

Posted by Michele Peacox on May 17th 2014

I felt this was very important to write about because we see so many steamers ruined that haven’t been cared for properly.

The first thing is that you must use only distilled water (unless instructed otherwise). Regular water will create a build up on the heating element that will eventually cause the steamer to spit water during steaming. This can be very dangerous because if it happens during a treatment, it can burn the skin.

Next you need to maintain your steamer’s heating element by cleaning the coil with a vinegar solution once a month. Add 2 ounces of distilled white vinegar to a warm water solution. Pour the solution into the jar until it reaches the minimum red line and let the solution soak for a couple hours. Afterwards you should wipe off the heating coil with a towel to remove and remaining build-up. Empty the jar, re-fill with distilled water and run the steamer to remove any vinegar odor.

We also see problems created by leaving standing water in the jar at the end of the day. It’s probably something that a lot of us have done, but don’t forget to empty out the jar and clean it at the end of the day. Leaving water in the jar overnight will damage the coil and is not sanitary.

If you follow these recommendations, your steamer will last a very long time. If you ever need replacement parts., we carry all the parts for the steamers we sell. We also do warranty repairs and can service your steamer even after you warranty ends. Buy facial steamers. from MassageTools with confidence.